Company Overview

Loxia Technologies, Inc. provides a Total Source Solution to all industries in need of information technology (IT) services and products to clients who need technology solutions from a business perspective to increase their efficiency and overall employee productivity. Services include: information technology (IT) consulting and solutions; telecommunication systems; high-speed low-voltage structured cabling; security systems; web programming and development; fleet management and tracking; as well as bio and access control systems that assure customer reliability, verify security measures, and maintain uninterrupted hi-tech functionality.

Loxia Technologies, Inc., located in Miami, Florida, was founded in 2003 by current Chief Executive Officer, Mohamad Kamaredine. Prior to creating Loxia Technologies, Mr. Kamaredine served as a Network Engineer and Vice President of Alpha Computer Corporation for three years. Mr. Kamaredine, a graduate from Florida International University, obtained his Bachelors of Science with Honors majoring in Computer Science and Network Engineering. Mohamad Kamaredine is a Microsoft Certified Partner as well as a Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Panasonic, Comptia, Intel Channel and Symantec Partner. A former instructor and lecturer for Divine Savior Academy, Mohamad Kamaredine has taught computer and networking courses to students in the 6th and 7th grade for several years. These courses prepare the students to become Microsoft Certified before their high school years. His background in training and implementing computer sciences and network engineering presents Loxia Technologies, Inc.’s customers with the most broadly experienced, creative, and comprehensive solutions to their pressing technological needs.

Loxia Technologies, Inc has resolved many aspects of local and wide area network services. From the "architect" who plans and designs computer networks and internet solutions, to the "builder" who delivers installation and support, to the "trainer" who provides the educational services required to ensure productive use of a network and its tools, Loxia Technologies, Inc. serves a variety of clients. An array of establishments, including educational organizations, medical, retail, and manufacturing corporations have benefited from Loxia’s innovative services. The Divine Savior Academy, West-Hem Aircraft Supplies and Ideal Medical Center are a few of the more recent clients who have continued to use Loxia as their Total Source Solution for all of their technology needs.

Moreover, as a valued business and resident of South Florida, Loxia Technologies, Inc. contributes to the surrounding communities by consistently donating equipment, sponsoring and working pro-bono with local youth programs such as Fort Lauderdale's Holiday Park and Pridelines Youth Services.

Suited to meet specific needs and committed to excellence, Mr. Kamaredine and his staff at Loxia Technologies, Inc. put into practice strong work ethics. Mr. Kamaredine’s belief is that one's integrity is a spiritual practice. This enables a prospective company to attract clients and customers that work harmoniously to enable ultimate success for all. Loxia Technologies, Inc. strives to uphold their service oriented methods of practice throughout development and design of practical, yet creative IT solutions and services.

For details on the company's products and/or services, contact us at 305-428-2190 or visit the web site at www.loxiatech.com. Loxia Technologies invites you to a free consultation and looks forward to working with you and your company.


Loxia provides customers with a one stop shop solution. Our services includes but are not limited to the following:

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