Biometrics and Access Controls

Access Controls

How do you ensure that an employee is on-time to the office or the right person has access to a restricted area? Ask Loxia. Loxia installs and services fingerprint biometric products including fingerprint access control, fingerprint time and attendance, RFID access control with time attendance and card readers. Loxia also provides hand punch devices, fingerprint time attendance, IClock 580 Biometric T&A, smart card and EM ISO thin/thick cards. With these devices you can be confident that you have control of all areas of your business and have rock solid documentation of employee attendance.

Hand Punch Devices

Hand geometry readers positively identify users by the shape and size of their hands. Hand Readers provide a fail-safe method to ensure that the person who enters isn't merely carrying someone else's access card or PIN. Hand punch modules include the HP1000, HP2000, HP3000, and HP400.

Door Access Controller

Access Controls

Access Controllers provide the solution for powerful combinations of access control and alarm monitoring within off-line or on-line networks. Our door access controller fits any type of installation up to 20,000 users. It is completely expandable which allows for company growth and can also link multiple buildings that are able to be managed from one central location via RS485, RS232 or TCP/IP.

Fingerprint Time Attendance A5

Loxia installs and manages the A5 time attendance unit. It can manage up to 3000 fingerprint templates and has an Intel 32 bit X-scale CPU. It can support 360-degree rotation identification and is very easy to use and very reliable. This unit tracks and manages all of your employees with flawless precision. It is a must for businesses that want to throw out the old time clock!

Fingerprint Access Control System F708

The F708 is a widely used access control fingerprint device for the home or business. It is constructed according to the national security product standard and is suitable for entrances and exits of home or businesses. All inputs /outputs use anti-jamming and over-voltage/circuit protection. But the greatest advantage of F708 is it’s function combined with it’s economical cost.

IClock580 Biometric T&A and Access Control

The IClock 580 self-service fingerprint multimedia time attendance and access control terminal is another way to keep a pulse on your business. This professionally designed unit combines elegant workmanship with a color TFT 3.5” display. It offers multi-identification methods that contour to your individual requirements including proximity cards, fingerprint units, passwords or a combination of all of them.

Access Controls

Card Readers

Loxia also offers contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, PVC cards, magnetic stripe cards and photo ID cards to be used in coordination with our other access control products.

Electronic Maglocks

Loxia installs and maintains electronic maglocks in combination with our other access control products to provide you with the best solution. These 1200 lb. maglocks allow access to doors only when activated by authorized users. They are able to be programmed to open during business hours or restrict certain areas of the business to specified users. These maglocks in combination with the door controllers and fingerprint devices provide a complete access control solution for your business.