Emergency Communication Systems

Loxia provides a mass voice notification system that is designed to alert and protect people in an emergency or crisis situation. It will also serve as a full campus page in order to communicate between buildings without adding costly new cable.

Paging Systems

Loud Speaker Systems

  • Allows for a quick response to code blue and other emergencies.
  • Provides “quiet paging” by isolating only the areas affected.
  • Allows for background music in waiting rooms.
  • Gives the user two way communications between rooms or departments.
  • Schedules “Patient Watch” notification reminders for staff to check patients or customers at a given interval.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems include IP Security, Door Intercom (Analog, IP, SIP) and IP Hoot and Holler. Intercom speakers and call stations should be provided at every camera location, controlled access point, entry door, parking gate, loading ramp and stairwell.

SIP Paging Systems

IP devices can be accessed directly via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) eliminating the need for an analog interface. If your telephone system is SIP compliant you will be able to register any Valcom IP device directly to your SIP proxy.

IP products allow you to easily extend the range of your radio equipment by utilizing existing network infrastructure. The VIP-801 series of equipment will accept a line level output from a radio base station and stream the audio over you existing LAN to other VIP-801 series units.

System Enhancements

Loxia provides many systems and accessories to enhance efficiency for your organization.

  • Horn Speakers
  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Wall Speakers
  • Track and Pendant Speakers

Synchronized Clock Systems

Loxia offers low cost, precision time clocks for schools, universities, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities and government buildings. Loxia’s synchronized clocks provide a single facility wide synchronizing that is so important in managing your organization's daily schedule. The clocks may be stand alone or used with another communication system.

  • Wired Digital clocks
  • Wireless Digital Clocks
  • Wired analog clocks
  • Wireless analog clocks
  • Wireless master clock transceiver